Sermon Notes 8/20 – Paul’s Second Prayer – Ephesians 3:17-19

Two Points:
1. We can know the love of Christ THROUGH EXPERIENCE – v19
-the word know means experience through His works and touch
2. We can know the love of Christ THROUGH DISCIPLESHIP – v17
a. ROOTED – trees with roots that grow deep & can never be uprooted
b. GROUNDED – is having a strong, deep foundation
*Never doubt the Lord’s Love for you
*The Lord’s love has LENGTH – it is with us forever
              LOVE POINTS:
-Jesus knows the worst about us, yet He’s the One who loves us the most
-The Depth of God’s Love
       God’s love has depth.  It can reach down into the lives of the worst sin and sinner and save them
(2.) THE LORD’S LOVE IS UNCAUSED – 1 John 4:7-8
-God is love and can only love
-The width of God’s love – He loves everyone
-We cannot do anything to cause the Lord to love us
-God’s love cannot be achieved.  It can only be received…
-We have all of God’s Love.  His love is unconditional – we cannot earn it, work for it or become better to receive the love of the Lord
(3.) THE LORD’S LOVE IS UNCHANGING – Psalm 102:27;Malachi 3:6;Heb 13:8
-The Lord and His love never changes
-The Lord’s love is unending
-Nothing can separate us from the love of God – Romans 8:35-39