Sermon Notes 8/17 – The Last Days Zechariah 14

verse 1 – behold – is to get someones attention/something important is being said
The Day of the Lord – this day belongs to the Lord.  It is all about Him.
It is coming – sure/certain/can be counted on
your spoil – Jerusalem will be invaded & captured by its enemies who will steal all of Israels goods & wealth
verse 2  – I will gather – the Lord is in charge
-this is the battle of Armageddon – Rev 19:17-20:3
-remnant- a group of people still standing for the Lord
verse 3
Go Forth – Jude 14-15 – the Lord will come forth out of heaven to earth with believers and angels
v4 – an earthquake levels out the landscape – Joel 3:14-16
v5 – Azal is the Eastern gate – Jesus walks through this gate & into Jerusalem
-The Lord My God – this is a deity verse showing that Jesus Christ is God
-saints – means set apart ones and sanctification
past sanctification – the day we are saved
present sanctification – Jesus sets us apart daily
future sanctification – this is being set apart in heaven
verse 6 – there will be no light – Matthew 24:29-30
verse 7  – one day – means a unique different day
-light will pierce the darkness as Jesus returns in all glory and power & majesty
verse 8 – this is during the millennium when Jesus rules & reigns on earth
Eastern Sea – is the Dead Sea
Western Sea – is the Mediterranean Sea
verse 9  – Jesus is King over the entire universe
verse 10 – The landscape changes
-the kings winepress was a place of joy
verse 11 – Israel will be totally safe and protected by Jesus
verses 12, 15 – The Lord fights the enemies of Israel
-this is during the Millennial reign of Jesus
verses 12-13 – confusion comes among Israels’ enemies and they fight against themselves
verse 14 – the people of Israel fight and gather the wealth of their enemies
verse 16 – these are Gentiles and Jewish people who came out of the tribulation and enter into the millennium
verses 17-19 – not everyone during the millenium will worship the Lord
verses 20-21 – bells of the horses represents prosperity
                      -no more cannaanites – no more false religions or gods in Israel
pots & bowls – were utensils used by Israel to cook sacrificial meat for the Peace offering.  This represents that at this time everything will be dedicated to the Lord