Sermon Notes 8/11 – The Holy Spirit

Genesis 1:1-2
verse 1 – In the beginning God
                  ***God is Elohim and plural – refers to the Trinity
                   ***The trinity is one God who can manifest Himself as Father, Son & Holy Spirit – all coequal and coeternal and God
                    ***The trinity and Holy Spirit are invisible – you can see His effects
What was the Holy Spirit doing in Genesis?
(1.)  ***THE HOLY SPIRIT WAS CREATING – Genesis 1:1
-Only the Trinity creates – humanity cannot create
-Only the Holy Spirit created the universe – Genesis 1:1
-Only the Holy Spirit created humanity – Genesis 1:26-27
            a. all human beings are related through creation
            b. all human beings are not children of God – John 1:10-12
            c. all human beings were created either male or female
-Only the Holy Spirit created marriage – Genesis 2:18-25
-the definition of marriage was given by God Himself – it’s between a man & a woman
(2.) ***THE HOLY SPIRIT WAS HOVERING – Genesis 1:2
                     The word Hover has 3 meanings
     1. To Be Over – Jeremiah 23:23-24 – the Holy Spirit is everywhere
     2. To Move
-this is a continual moving
-nothing can stop the Holy Spirit from moving
-the Holy Spirit is always moving
                 ***Even when there is a mess – Genesis 1:1-2
-without form and void – means ruined…empty…desolate…ruined
-the Holy Spirit will never abandon us when we are in a mess
      3. To Shake – Haggai 2:5-9
-in the last days, everything will be shaken
-the shaking of the Second Coming – Mark 13:24-26
-2 Thess 2:1-2 – there will be a shaking, but we don’t have to be shaken
***Shaken – means to be panic stricken…frightened…to cry outloud…disturbed
***Gathered together – means to assemble together a complete collection