Sermon Notes 7/7 – The Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit

                                    First Corinthians 14
verse 4 – Tongues & Prophecy
***Tongues edifies the believer – builds them up
***Prophecy – edifies the church because it is in a persons native language
verse 5 – The Lord and Paul want every believer to speak in tongues
-the enemy cannot understand what we are praying
-we have a free will to accept or reject things
***It is better to prophesy because it is given in your native tongue & is understandable
Prophecy = Tongues + Interpretation of tongues
(Private Tongues vs Public Tongues)
verse 6 – Understanding
-this verse is not a put down of tongues, but speaking in tongues alone cannot be understood
-the other ways to speak in v6 can be understood as they are in a person;s native language
verse 7 – the illustration of musical instruments
-they must give off a clear sound so the song can be understood
verse 8 – the illustration of a military trumpet
-the sound must be clear to gather the troops
vs9-11 – the illustration of languages and communication
-we must understand what is being spoken
verse 12 – ZEAL
zeal – means to have an enthusiastic devotion for/a fervent desire for/a red hot fire & passion for God/a want to
-this is spending daily time with Jesus
-this takes time
-Matt 6:33
-this passion and God enthusiasm becomes contagious
            As we abide in Jesus, we acquire a zeal for many things:
     1. There will be a zeal for God’s House – church – Hebrews 10:25
-make one choice to be in church @ salvation
-it’s a priority
-we need to be around other sheep – sheep are found in flocks
     2. There will be a zeal for salvation – ISAIAH 59:15-17
V15 – the spiritual state of Israel was not good – the Lord was displeased
v16 – no one stood up to make righteous changes – so the Lord did something
v17 – Luke 19:1-10 – Jesus has this zeal to save & judge those who reject Him
cloak – an outer garment that covered the entire body
-Christianity is all about redemption
       3. There will be a zeal for spiritual gifts – 1 Corinthians 14:12
-the gifts are only for edification – to build people up – a construction term
verse 13 – this is the spiritual
personal vs public tongues…….
Public Tongues always needs an interpretation
-the person giving the tongues can interpret
-someone different than who gave the tongues can interpret
verse 14 – our spirit man prays when we receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit – Romans 8:26-27
-our minds do not understand what we are praying
verse 15 – spirit is tongues…understanding is english
-we need to pray in our native tongue & in tongues – balance
vs16-17 – if we just speak or sing in tongues, there will be no understanding
The ungifted or those uninstructed are:
– a believer who has not been taught about tongues
– an unbeliever
v17 – there is no edification when there is no understanding
v18 – Paul spoke in tongues
-Paul is our pattern to follow in many ways – 1 Timothy 1:16
verse 19 – it is better to speak in our native language for understanding purposes
verse 20 – all believers need to mature and grow up
-do not act like preschoolers who cannot walk or talk yet
-live for the Lord and do not be carnal – stay away from evil and carnality
***Understand the spirituals, study tham and be used in them in the right way…….