Sermon Notes 7/31 – Jesus Makes Us Whole

Luke 17:11-14
  • Jesus is a HEALER and He desires that all are healed
    He answered “Go and show yourself to the priest” The Priest was the physician of the day!
  • I have seen people heal instantly… But I have seen more people healed progressively through acts of faith and obedience.
Jesus Desires that we are all Healed and that we are all made Whole
  • In this story these lepers were all healed physically but only one was healed spiritually 
  • I also believe that The Lord’s desire for all the Lepers and for all of us still today is to be made whole in every area of our lives
  • What is impossible with men is POSSIBLE with GOD!
What is Wholeness described in the Bible As if Never infected!
  1. We are Made whole as we seek after HIM
  • We have to always return to the one who healed us
  • The man fell to his face.. sign of humility 
  • We need to stay at a place where we recognize our need for Him
Luke 15:8-10
Jesus seeks out the lost more than the loss will ever seek out Jesus.
How much more should we seek him knowing He is  the one who created and KNOWS us best! 
A word will get you through a day or a decision but THE Word will get you through Life!
  1. We are made whole as we Seek out the Lost
  • We bring glory to God as we seek after the very thing He seeks after
  • We want to find wholeness it comes where Jesus is
  • This man came back humility … and with a loud voice brought glory to God
  • The Glory- the presence of God comes and makes us whole when we go after Him and the people He is going after
Philippians 4:8-10
  1. We are made Whole through being Thankful
  • We have to decide to meditate on things that are pure, loving, kind, things that are praise worthy…
Our stinkin thinkin Produces negative speech and then action…
THINK before you speak…
T- Truthful
H- Helpful
N- Necessary 
K- Kind
He will bring wholeness in all areas of our life if we practice meditating and speaking TRUTH into those areas.
We can’t keep feeding the areas of our lives that are holding us from being made whole
What are we feeding?
We have to stop feeding what is making us sick and it will die
If you struggle with ….anger… fear.. addiction.. STOP FEEDING IT!!!!
John 4:28-30
The Woman at the Well left her Pot at the well