Sermon Notes 7/30 – Darkness Exposed

1 Kings 18
Elijah made a stand!
1 Kings 18:17-21
Is that you, God’s Trouble Maker?
3 Steps to come against darkness:
Step 1: make sure the enemy knows we are a threat
1 Kings 18:18-21
Step 2: be all in. Choose a side.
1 Kings 18:26-30
“Answer by fire”
1 Kings 18:38-40
2 Kings 19:1-4
When the church is revived- do is the devil!
The enemy, seeing what Elijah was capable of.
Step 3: don’t let your guard down.
2 Kings 19:5-10
Exhaustion is the perfect set up for attack.
Don’t let your to do list distract you.
The enemy is sneaky