Sermon Notes 7/23 – Move Forward in Victory

Move forward in Victory
Genesis 18:1-5
  1. Moving forward in Victory is all about having a Relationship with Jesus… He Knew God 
Genesis 18:17
Through a Relationship with Jesus we find victory in every area of our life
Read Genesis 19:15-17
  1. To move forward in victory be a witness
  • The word “Lingered” mean to hold tight to the earthly possessions
***All Good things are not God things for our life***
  1. To move Forward in Victory we can’t look back
Genesis 19:23-26
***Moving forward in Victory doesn’t mean forgetting what happened in the past…it means to be no longer being influenced by or Affected by it ***
We break the Power the past has had over us by living for the future!
  • We can’t go back… To move forward in victory like Lot and His family we can’t look back!
Luke 17:32… Remember lot’s wife!