Sermon Notes 7/14 – The Holy Spirit 1 Corinthians 14

The Holy Spirit

                                    First Corinthians 14
verse 12 – ZEAL
Zeal – means to have an enthusiastic devotion for…a fervent desire for…a red hot fire and passion for the Lord…a want to rises up within the believer
Zeal  is produced by abiding and remaining in fellowship with Jesus – John15:1-10
abide – means to stay and remain—it is spending time with Jesus every day
               a. abiding in Jesus produces zeal
               b. abiding takes time
      zeal grows it becomes contagious
***Abiding in the Lord produces zeal and we obtain a zeal for many things:
(1.) WE ACQUIRE A ZEAL FOR GOD’S HOUSE – Hebrews 10:25 & Psalm 122:1
—the Lord chooses where someone goes to church
—we make one choice to be in church —at salvation
(2.) WE ACQUIRE A ZEAL FOR GOOD WORKS – Titus 2:14 & Eph 2:10
       Titus 2:14
v14 – Jesus voluntarily gave Himself for us.  He gave all He could give
redeem – means to be bought out of slavery by the payment of a ransom (His blood)
lawless deed – every sin
Own special people – special means to be reserved for believers
Zealous for good works ——-
-good works are the fruit of salvation
-good works reveal a grateful heart
-good works are centered around the great commission
(3.) WE WILL HAVE A ZEAL FOR SALVATION – Isaiah 59:15-17
v15 – the spiritual state of Israel was not good
v16 – no one stood up against this bad behavior – the Lord stood up Himself
v17 – Jesus has a zeal to save – Luke 19:1-10
             ***cloak – an outer garment that covered the entire body
             ***we all need to be clothed with a zeal to see people saved
(4.) WE WILL HAVE A ZEAL FOR SPIRITUAL GIFTS – 1 Corinthians 14:12
-we will desire the spirituals so we can see people saved and changed
Edification – is a construction term meaning to build a house
verse 13 – this is the public use of tongues – the spiritual gift and not personal tongues
verse 14 – the baptism of the Holy Spirit is when our spirit man is overwhelmed with more of the Holy Spirit.  The initial evidence is speaking in tongues…
-our spirit man prays – Romans 8:26-28 – our mind does not understand what we are praying
verse 15 – spirit is tongues…understanding in english is our own native language
***pray in english and tongues
vs 16-17
v16 – if we just sing & pray in tongues only, people will not understand
-unbelievers will not understand
-a new believer who knows nothing about tongues will not understand
v17 – no one will be edified – there would be no understanding
v18 – Paul spoke in tongues…Paul is an example to follow – 1 Timothy 1:16
v19 – Paul speaks about order — its better to speak in your native language than just speak in tongues
verse 20 – Paul is asking the believers to grow up
      ***Paul shares 2 things:
     1. do not act like preschoolers
     2. be children who do not know anything about sin
verses 21-22 – Tongues are a sign
-just as the tongues of the Assyrians were a sign of judgment for Israel.  Tongues are a sign to unbelievers to show the power of God
-the tongues of the Assyrians and the tongues today of believers cannot be understood……
-prophesying is more of a sign to believers because it is in our native language
verse 23  this speaks of public tongues without an interpretation.  People will think we are weird of insane
vs24-25 – if all prophecy – people will be touched, changed and saved
v26 – edification – is a construction term meaning to construct and build a building
-all of the spirituals are to edfiy
-Paul begins to discuss the subject of order