Sermon Notes 7/13 – Zechariah 12

                                        The Last Days
v7 – this verse speaks about the tribulation period that is coming and the battle of Armageddon
vs8-9 reveals how our problems and enemies will be defeated
              1. The Lord will fight our battles – vs8-9 – Revelation 19:17-21
              2. Believers must also fight – v9
-The Feeble – those who are weak will become strong
-Be Like God – fighting against Israel is like fighting against God Himself
verse 10 – the Lord is going to pour it on
Pour it on – refers to a steady stream or flow
-It means an abundance/plentiful/in large amounts/a big #
1. POURING IT ON IS A PROMISE FROM GOD – He will do it – v10
-What can stop this outpouring?  UNBELIEF
Unbelief – means a lack of faith, knowing and trusting
Examples:  Mark 6:1-6…Matthew 17:14-20…Matthew 9:23-26
Acts 14:2 – our minds can be poisoned because of unbelief
       What is the Lord going to pour out?
Acts 2:1-17 & Acts 1:8 – the Holy Spirit is going to be poured out
Zechariah 12:10 – The Spirit of Supplication and Grace will be poured out
-this is a spirit of prayer that includes the grace of God
-this is personal prayer for ourselves
-it is prayer asking the Lord to give us a greater portion of His grace
-this is giving us the blessings of God that we do not deserve
-the source of salvation only comes from Jesus
-John 15:16 & Genesis 4:1-8 – relationship vs religion