Sermon Notes 6/4 – Ephesians 2:1-10 – Condition to Position

Condition to Position – Ephesians 2:1-10
vs1-3 – our condition before salvation
-vs4-9 – the intervention of God
-v10 – our position in Christ
Ephesians 2:10
We – born again believers
Are – this refers to our position in Jesus Christ
-happens instantly @ salvation
-Our feelings do not change who we are in Christ
-Our acts of sin do not change who we are in Christ
-our wrong thoughts do not change who we are in
HIS  – our position in in Jesus Christ…our position is all because of Jesus
We are HIS workmanship……
We are in Christ because of GRACE
-Grace is the goodness of God that we do not deserve………
-We are going to praise the Lord because He is the source of everything we are and have…….
Psalm 34:1-3,8
-A Divine ENCOUNTER leads to a Divine EXPERIENCE which leads to a Divine EXPRESSION
v1 – praise is a decision – I WILL
     – bless – means to kneel down & adore Him/be thankful
     -Lord – is the covenant keeping God – Jehovah – He keeps His Word
vs2-3 – Praise is Public – let everyone know about the grace of God
v8 – we boast because the Lord is good which is His grace
Workmanship = means a poem/a work of art/a masterpiece/one of a kind
created – Jesus Christ (the Trinity)  is our Creator and is the only Creator
             -means something made by the Lord
Good Works – Good works do not save us
                     – Good works are done because we are saved
                     – Good works are evidence of our Faith – James 2:14-18