Sermon Notes 6/30 – The Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit

                                 First Corinthians 14
Pursue love – go after love until you capture it/a hunting term
-never forget about God’s love/1 Cor 13:1-8a, 13
            2 POINTS TO REMEMBER
-There 3 main baptisms in the Bible
         1. water baptism – into water – believers can baptize
         2. baptism in the Holy Spirit – into more of the Holy Spirit – Jesus baptizes us
         3. baptism into the body of Christ – the church – The Holy Spirit
-Pursue the Gift Giver and not the gifts – Rev 19:9-10
Desire the 9 spirituals – to have a warm feeling for & to long for/to crave
-prophecy – to speak an inspired message from the Lord
——-prophecy is easier to accept than tongues because it is spoken in a persons native tongue ————this is not a put down or tongues or a reason not to speak in tongues
verse 2 – we speak to God directly when we speak in tongues
-you don’t know what you are saying as the Holy Spirit is praying right through you
-Romans 8:26-27
verse 3 –  3 Reasons For the 9 Spirituals
1. Edification – it means to build up – Romans 14:19  15:12
2. Exhortation – Acts 11:23 & 14:22 – it means to strengthen
3. Comfort – 2 Cor 2:7 – it means to give hope
verse 4 – Tongues and Prophecy
-when we speak in tongues we are edified
-the enemy does not know what we are saying – heavenly & earthly language – 1 Corinthians 13:1
Prophecy edifies the entire church – it is spoke in their native language
verse 5 – The Lord wants every believer To speak in tongues
-Paul spoke in tongues – 1 Cor 14:18
-1 Tim 1:16 – Paul is our example to follow in several ways
-you must be saved to receive th4 baptism of the Holy Spirit
-It is better to prophecy because prophecy is in a persons native tongue
-if you do speak in tongues publicly then there must be an interpretation
***Private tongues vs Public tongues
verse 6  UNDERSTANDING – understand what is being spoken in church
-if I speak to you in our native tongues, you will understand
verse 7  ——- Paul uses the illustration of musical instruments here
-they must give out a clear distinct sound so u know what is being played
verse 8 – a military trumpet must sound forth a clear sound
vs9-11 – everyday communication must be understood
verse 12     ZEAL – means a red hot fire…a fervent desire…to be enthusiastic
-abide means to stay and remain
-this must be done daily & takes time
-it is contagious
                A. As ZEAL increase we receive zeal for the house of the Lord – Heb 10:25
-make a choice to be in church once – at the time we were saved
               B. We will have a zeal for salvation – Isaiah 59:15-17
v15 – Israel was away from the Lord & the Lord was waiting for them to come back to HIm
v16 – no one stood up among Israel to see something change concerning righteousness
-God did something about this Himself – The Incarnation
v17 – Jesus had a zeal to save
cloak – was an outer garment worn by a soldier from the shoulders to their feet
                C. We will have a zeal for the 9 spirituals – 1 Corinthians 14:12
-we will want to receive them from the Holy Spirit
-we will desire them (desire Jesus first)
-these 9 spirituals are only to edify……….