Sermon Notes 6/29 – The Last Days – Zechariah

Zechariah 12
verse 1 – burden – means a crushing weight of judgment
-this judgment will come against the enemies of Israel
-God is the judge/this takes place during and at the end of the tribulation period
verse 2 – a cup of drunkenness – a person who drinks begins to stumble, stagger and then fall.  The enemies of Israel will fall…….
verse 3 – IT WILL HAPPEN
-no matter how we feel/no matter what we see/no matter how long we have waited/no matter how things happen
-we will receive what we have been praying for according to His will
In That Day – vs 4,6,8,9,11
-this refers to the second coming of Jesus Christ
-the Lord is the God of the I WILLS – John 14:1-3/Acts 2:17-18/Matthew 16:18
Jerusalem will be a very heavy stone for all peoples
***Israels enemies will be crushed by the stone they come against
verse 4 – The Lord supernaturally intervenes in the battle of Armageddon
verse 5 – the leaders of Israel will realize they need the Lord to defeat their enemies
verse 6  – In That Day – the Lord empowers leaders to help defeat Israels’ enemies
They will be on fire – like a firepot or pan in the woodpile – this is the floor area in a fireplace where wood is placed to burn
a fiery torch in the sheaves – this is grain that is bundled together and a torch lit by fire burns the sheaves.  This refers to the fire of God…
Fire Of God – is the anointing, presence and glory of God that rests on our lives…
                                             THE FIRE OF GOD
1. We cannot live on yesterday’s Fire – Revelation 2:4-5
-watch out for the USED TOS……
— Exodus 3:1-10 & 34:29-32 – Moses
—the Lord is our consuming fire
3. FEED THE FIRE DAILY – Leviticus 6:12-13
-we must sustain our faith & Christianity
sustain – means to maintain @ a certain level and rate over a long period of time and continue to move forward
-Sustainability happens by having a daily walk with Jesus – Galatians 5:16-23
(Leviticus 6:12 – every morning)