Sermon Notes 6/25 – Ephesians 2:11-19

The Blood of Jesus
(1.) we are redeemed by the blood of Jesus – Ephesians 2:11-13
Definition of REDEEMED – redemption is the work of Christ for all people where He rescues and delivers us from sin by paying a price which is His blood
                a. gentiles and those who are Jewish can be saved
                —John 3:16
-a blood sacrifice was required by God for humanity to be saved and forgiven of
their sins
-Blood represents life because life is in the blood
-the blood sacrifice and resurrection of Jesus Christ proves that He is the only One who can Redeem us
-the blood forgives us
-Forgiveness is the Release of something and we receive Peace (vs14,17)
(2.) THE BLOOD OF JESUS IS SEEN – Exodus 12:3-13
-the Lamb represents Jesus Christ
v6 – the lamb had to be killed – represents the cross of Jesus Christ
v8 – the lamb had to be eaten – this refers to being saved & having fellowship with Jesus every day
v9 – eat all of the Lamb and only Lamb
-we can’t mix Jesus & Christianity with any other faith or person – only eat the lamb
-we must eat all of the lamb and His Word  & not just certain parts of it
we must make sure it is the right lamb – vs5,9
-no blemishes or flaws and only roasted – which speaks of Jesus taking our sins upon Him
v11 – keep your clothes on because deliverance from this world  (Egypt) will come.
We must put and keep on the armor of God and soon we will go up to heaven in the rapture
vs12-13 – the Blood is seen
-When God looks at us – He sees the blood………..
-the Lord only sees the blood because we are in Him
-we need to see ourselves as the Lord sees us which is through the blood…