Sermon Notes 6/22 – The Last Days – Zechariah

verse 1 – The Lord has a Word for us continually
The burden – refers to a crushing weight of judgment coming on Israels’ enemies
-stand with Israel – Genesis 12:1-3
-God is the Judge and He judges sin and not people
-the result of judgment is eternal separation from God
-where anyone ends up for all eternity is each person’s choice
               ***Our eternal location can never be changed
-this judgment occurs at the end of the tribulation period & after the rapture
-the judgment of God is not for the church – 1 Thess 1:10 & 5:9 and Romans 5:9
-the Judge is the Creator – Genesis 1:1, 7
verse 2 – The Lord is speaking & the battle of Armageddon is going to happen
***A cup that causes staggering – Israels’ enemies will stagger as they try to attack Israel
verse 3 – IT WILL HAPPEN – the return of Jesus will happen
-Christianity at times is a process and not always an immediate action
In that day – vs 4,6,8,9,11
-this refers to the second coming of Jesus Christ
-I Will – we serve the God of the “I WILLS”
-Jerusalem will be a heavy stone –  Israels’ enemies will be crushed by this stone
verse 4 – The Lord supernaturally intervenes in the battle of Armageddon
-confusion among Israels’ enemies
-blinding the horses of Israels’ enemies
-the Lord fights for us and is on our side
verse 5 – these are leaders of Israel
-they realize they need Jesus to defeat their enemies
-John 15:5 – we cannot do anything on our own