Sermon Notes 6/2 – The Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit

                              First Corinthians Twelve
verse 1 –
-Now Concerning – a transition to a completely new subject
   ***the subject is the 9 spirituals – vs8-11
-spiritual gifts or powers or spirituals – charismata
   ***this refers to believing in them, receiving them and practicing them
ignorant – means to be uninformed/lack knowledge or education
       ***read the Word of God to be informed about the 9 spirituals
       ***Two Principles To Remember
                        1. Love Everyone – 1 John 4:7-8
                        2. Worship the Gift Giver & not just the gifts – Rev 19:9-10
                                      *The Holy Spirit always points to Jesus – John 16:14
verse 2 – gentiles – means pagans or unbelievers
                    *worshipped false gods – Psalm 115:1-8
                    *you were led – this is a persons own choice to make
                    *You were – now you are saved and worship Jesus
   *******The 9 Spirituals are to get people saved *******
verse 3 – Verse 3 speaks about putting the Lord down & lifting Him up
***People who continually say Jesus is Lord and lift Him up are believers
***Those who are saved will not continually put down the Lord
             accursed – means something that is condemned/should be banned
verses 4-6 – The Trinity is revealed in these verses:
v4 – Holy Spirit
v5 – The Lord
v6 – God the Father
     Verses 4-6 speak about 2 Subjects:
1. Diversity – Variety – Different Kind
-these are the different gifts that the Holy Spirit has given to believers
2. Distribution – the Holy Spirit distributes the gifts as He desires
          ***do not compare yourself with others
          ***Find out what you are not as well as what you are – be content
verse 5 – there are Differences of Ministries
***Ministries means service
-we are simply called to serve the Lord which is doing something for someone else
verse 6 – There a variety of Activities and Operations
-different flavors, visions and streams of ministries
-they all must follow the Word  and the pattern of the book of Acts
vs 4-6 – reveal that the Trinity has never changed – Mal 3:6 & Hebrews 13:8
verse 7 –
1. The word manifestation means to benefit people
2, The word manifestation means to go public – 1 Peter 2:12
verses 8-10 – lists the 9 spirituals
verse 11 –  4 Points About The Holy Spirit
1. There is only one Holy Spirit – Eph 4:4-6
2. He is the same Holy Spirit and has always been – Heb 13:8
3. The Holy Spirit is always moving – v11
-working – is energy and activity and being alive
-The Holy Spirit works through humans
4. The Holy Spirit distributes the 9 spirituals – v11
-No believer possesses the 9 spirituals
-The Holy Spirit determines who is used with the 9 spirituals