Sermon Notes 6/11 – Ephesians 2:1-10

-Paul shares about our condition to our position
v10 – refers to our IDENTITY – this is the truth about the real you in totality in Christ
-there is an identity crisis in our world today –
-the source of this identity crisis is the enemy – the devil & his demons
-there are two spirits moving across the globe today
     1. The Holy Spirit – Acts 2:1-17
     2. A spirit of delusion – 2 Thessalonians 2:1-12
THE HOLY SPIRIT – He is moving and cannot be stopped
-The Holy Spirit is God – a Person
-The Holy Spirit is saying to Develop a Biblical Worldview
A SPIRIT OF DELUSION – this is a demonic spirit
-delusion definition – delusion is holding fast to beliefs that are false despite truth, evidence and facts to the contrary
Romans 1:21-22
-Paul refers here to a culture that turns away from the Lord
knew – this speaks of having a general knowledge of God, but not being saved
Futile – means to be error filled and eventually ruined
-a spirit of delusion brings about futile thinking
-a symptom of futile thinking is having an identity crisis
-Jesus is our example to follow…..
1. APPROVAL – Matthew 3:13-16
Jesus had total approval from His Father/The Father was pleased with Jesus
2. THE WORD OF GOD – Matthew 4:1-11
-If you are the Son of God – the enemy challenges the identity of Jesus
-Jesus uses the WORD OF GOD against the enemy
-Do not be Enemy – Occupied – this is what the enemy says about you
-Do not be Self-Occupied – what you (the flesh part of you) says about yourself
-Be Jesus Occupied – see yourself as Jesus sees you
-Do not be people occupied – this is what other people say about you
2.) THE ENEMY IS OUR ACCUSER – Revelation 12:10-11
-when we sin or fall away from the Lord, the enemy is present to accuse us
           a. When we fall – Proverbs 24:16
           b. When we deny – Luke 22:54-62
           c. When we disobey – 2 Peter 2:6-9
           d. When we are insecure – Exodus 3:10-12/4:1-9 & 10-17