Sermon Notes 5/9 – Mark Chapter 2-3

vs13-17 Communion & Connection
-Jesus came for unbelievers – Luke 19:1-10
communion – is fellowship time wirth believers
connection – is connecting with unbelievers
vs21-28 – The Dispensations of Law and Grace
      -the church and Israel are two different groups of people
      -the church does not keep the law of Moses, but learns from it – Col 2:13-19
Col 2:14 – Jesus and the cross took the law out of the way & gave us the New Covenant
The Sabbath – Exodus 31:12-18
-the Sabbath is only for Israel
-the sabbath was changed to every day in the NT
-the Sabbath is in Jesus – He is our rest – Matthew 11:28
                                         Mark Chapter 3
v1 – Jesus heals a man with a withered hand – means to be dried up
v2 – the religious crowd and leaders r watching
-good deeds could be done on the sabbath…
v3 – a step of faith is needed for healing
v4 – Jesus asked which is better – to preserve life or destroy life???
vs5 – 6 – Jesus had a righteous indignation because of their rules and hard hearts
vs7-13 – withdraw from people and recharge, but we then must get back to work
vs9-10 – the people come to Jesus…When you have a need come to Jesus
vs11 – 12 – the demons know who Jesus is
vs13,16-19 – Jesus chooses the 12 disciples
-Luke 6:12-17
v14 – appointed – to make someone like yourself with a purpose
-12 is the # of governing authority – to oversee
v15 – Exousia power – authority over demons
vs20-21 – there are alot of needs and Jesus has no time to eat or rest
v21 – the family of Jesus thinks Jesus has lost His mind
v22 – Jesus is attacked by religion
Beelzebub – means master of the house – a name for satan
vs23-26 – parables – means to cast or throw alongside
-a parable is a real life event that is thrown alongside a spiritual truth
-satan cannot throw out satan
v27 – strong man – represents satan
-spoil – means to be ransacked – Jesus came to destroy the works of the evil one – 1John 3:8
vs28-30 – Jesus forgives all sins – Psalm 103:1-5
v29 – anyone who rejects the tug of the Holy Spirit upon them to be saved will not be forgiven and will miss heaven…