Sermon Notes 5/29 – Live A Life Worth Dying For

John 3:16
Jesus came and gave his life for LOVE!!
 Acts 6:3,5,8
Living a Life Worth Dying first takes being Filled with the Holy Spirit
When you are filled with Holy Spirit….
  • You have a Good Reputation
    You are Wise
    You are Full of Faith
  • Full of POWER
Whenever you are living a LIFE worth dying for Difficult TIMES will come
Acts 6:10-15
Living a life worth dying for Means being a VOICE !
 He defended the Gospel and every lie they spoke he canceled it with TRUTH.
  • Acts 7: 51 , 54,57-60
When we are being a VOICE we can ENCOUNTER a Open HEAVEN we can live in HIS GLORY
Every time you  speak TRUTH instead of  lies The ENEMY loses POWER over your LIFE
We are called to Be a Witness!! To Be a VOICE
Acts 1:8
  • He is telling them EVERYWHERE you go you are to be my witness.
Psalms 37:23
Stephen was a VOICE a witness wherever His feet hit the ground that day.
We are a VOICE of JESUS..
To be a VOICE YOU Have to Know His  VOICE!!
Living a Life worth dying for … means Living a Life of Repentance
Stephen forgives
Acts 7:55