Sermon Notes 5/26 – Be Astonished By Jesus

Acts 8:9-25
We can be  “Astonished” by counterfeit power.
We can easily claim that we are “Something Great”
We are nothing great aside from the Lord
The enemy has no issue with people giving credit to God as long as his goal is achieved…. separating them from Christ
Are we Astonished by the world?
Be Astonished by Jesus 
1. Recognize the Power  of the HolySpirit  vs The World’s Power
A. When saved a “God makes a dwelling place with us”
Difference in the power of the World VS Power of the Holy Spirit.
World: Points to man
Holy Spirit: Points to Jesus
B. The power in us is Evident when we are Baptized in the Holy Spirit
C. The power is evident through signs and wonders and miracles
We must Be Astonished  by the Power of the Holy Spirit
Acts 1:8
This is a command “You will Receive Power and You will be my witnesses”
  1. Recognize the Freedom that comes with Holy Spirit
Simon offered money for this power because he wanted to take the easy route
We must step out into full freedom by fully surrendering to Jesus
3. Recognize the importance of Surrendering to the Holy Spirit
Jesus Power comes from Full Surrender
Peter called Simon to repentance
If you want the Lord to Move in your life, we must “Work it Out”
Phillipians 2:12
continue to work out your salvation with fear and trembling