Sermon Notes 5/2 Mark 2:13

MARK 2:13

-MARK 2:1-12 – Jesus just finished performing two miracles for the paralytic –  healing
and salvation
Mark 2:13 – Jesus teaches – means to keep on teaching
——-Jesus taught wherever He was
verse 14 – Jesus saw Levi – means united/joined together
-known as Matthew which means a gift of God
-Matthew was a tax collector and hated
v14 – Follow Me – to be on the same road as Jesus
-this is a forever habit
-Luke 5:28 – Levi left everything to follow Jesus
verse 15 – Levi invited Jesus to come to his house
-Jesus loved to among the lost
verse 16 – the religious group
Communion – this is being with Jesus every day
Connection – connect with all unbelievers
verse 17 – healthy – these are believers
               – sick – these are unbelievers
vs18-21 – fasting
-Jesus was enjoying life with His disciples
v19 – the bridegroom is Jesus Christ
-friends of the Bridegroom were the 12 disciples & the followers of Jesus
-Jesus uses the picture of a wedding
v20 – when Jesus has ascended, then believers can fast
vs21 – 22 –  it is time for something new – grace instead of law…freedom instead of rules
-the new patch are the teachings of Jesus.  It wont mix with the old garment
-the Sabbath Day is just for Israel – Exodus 31:12-18
-the Sabbath was part of the law of Moses
-the law points to Jesus
-no one can keep the law and it points us then to Jesus and redemption
-the Lord is more concerned with people and their needs than following rules
-the religious crowd added their own traditions & rules to the law
                                             MARK CHAPTER THREE
-verse 1 – withered hand – means to be dried up.  This happened in the past
-signs and wonders are needed in the church today & through the church today
v2 – continuous watching – trying to find something wrong
v3 – Jesus always asked people to take a step of faith to be healed
v4 – Jesus was ready to heal & the religious were ready to kill & hard Jesus
v5 – Jesus has a righteous indignation against a religious spirit
hardness – means callous/hard skinned
v6 – the religious spirit tried to kill Jesus
v7 – we all need times of rest and refreshment
v8 – its time to get back to work
doing – is continual doing
vs 9-10 – People were coming to Jesus.  If you have an issue, come to Jesus
v11 – Even the demons know that Jesus is God – John 1:1,14…Jon 5:18…John 20:20-28