Sermon Notes 4/6 – Joel 3 – The Last Days

v1 – in those days and at that time — the return of the Lord is coming
-Behold – to get the attention of people
-when I restore the fortunes of Israel – the Lord is going to restore everything that has been stolen from Israel by its enemies
-a sign of the return of the Lord is the Jewish people will go back to Israel to live — Isaiah 11:11-12 and Ezekiel 20:33-34
Relationship – is being saved and knowing Jesus Christ – being born again
Fellowship – this is discipleship and growing in the Lord – abiding
         ***Psalm 66:16-20 – our prayers do not have to be answered when we are out of fellowship with Jesus Christ
verse 2 – Jehosophat – means Jehovah is judge
-this is the judgment of the nations
-The Lord loves the Jewish people – they are MY People…This is MY land
v3 – judgment from God comes to the nations because of their hatred of the Jewish people
They cast lots – were sold into slavery
boys were sold into immoral practices
 sold a girl – sex trafficking
vs4-6 – Tyre, Sidon & Philistia represent the enemies of Israel.  They are fighting the Lord Himself
     *v5 – all of our money is the Lord’s money
vs7-8 – Behold – means to pay attention
-the Lord will bring Israel out of other nations and bring them home.  The enemies of Israel will pay a price for putting their hands on the Jewish people
v9 – Proclaim – an announcement and declaration from the Lord
-Bring on all comers – this is Armageddon
v10 – take what you can and make a weapon out of them
-everyone is going to enter into the battle – no excuses
vs11 – 12 – this speaks about Armageddon and the angles are going to join the battle
v13 – evil and wickedness will increase and the judgment of God is coming
v14 – Multitudes – this is the immense amount of the enemies of Israel
-this is God’s decision to judge the nations
v15 – darkness covers the earth – Matthew 24:29-30
v16 – the Lord returns to earth and comes out of heaven with the church
-Israel will not be extinguished, but protected by the Lord
-the glory and light of the Lord & His presence covers the earth
v17 – strangers are unbelievers and only believers and Jesus will rule
v18 – this is the millennium and reveals the blessings of the Lord
v19 – Egypt and Syria will be judged
v20 – There will always be an Israel & Jerusalem
v21 – the Lord will be with Israel and avenge the enemies of Israel