Sermon Notes 4/3 – The Lamb of God

The Lamb of God

                            John 1:19-29 & Exodus 12:1-13
***The word Lamb means a pet lamb, gentle, kind and tender
             WE MUST PREACH THE LAMB – Exodus 12:1-5
-preaching, worship, church and Christianity is all about Jesus Christ
-we are not to water down the gospel
-There can be no selective preaching and we can never be politically correct
          ***Preach all of the Word of God
          ***Preach the Word in love, because JITA & separate sin from sinner
       (2.) WE ARE TO PREACH A LAMB THAT IS ROASTED – Exodus 12:8-9
-a Lamb on fire will set us on fire
                 a. being roasted refers to the judgment of God coming on down on Jesus
1 Thess 5:9 & 1 Thess 1:10 – the judgment of God is not for believers
                 b. we are not to eat the Lamb raw
-the eating of raw meat was something the false religions did
-burning any leftover Lamb was to stop the false religions from mixing the Lamb with their religious ways
-Exodus 12:5-6  – the real Lamb is Jewish, a male, perfect & killed
                 c. The Lamb was roasted whole – Exodus 12:46
-no bone was to be broken – John 19:36
-this represents again preaching the entire Word – the head, legs & insides
          (3.) WE ARE TO PREACH THE LAMB WITH BITTER HERBS – Exodus 12:8
-bitter herbs refer to the trials we go through in our lives
           (4.) PREACH THE BLOOD OF THE LAMB – Exodus 12:21-24
-this refers to redemption and only through Jesus can we be saved
-hyssop came from a bush and there were 3 branches used – represents the trinity
-the blood was placed on the doorpost which made 2 crosses
-you had to bow down to dip the hyssop in the container – Phil 2:5-11