Sermon Notes 4/28 – Cosmic Conflict

  Ephesians 6:10-20
verse 12 – Struggle or wrestle – is an intense hand to hand conflict/a spiritual battle
        – we do not wrestle against people, but against demon forces
        – do not make the battoe personal
1. Demons are against things
2. Satan uses 4 levels of demons to come against believers
-the word against is used 4 times in verse 12
-4 levels of demonic forces – verse 12
       1. Principalities – hold high positions of authority & oversee other demons
       2. Powers – receive delegated authority from the principalities
       3. Rulers of the darkness of this world
-this is the military aspect of demonic forces – are an organized army
       4. Spiritual wickedness in high places –
wickedness – means something vicious that wants to constantly pull us down
verse 13 – not everything is from the devil and demons
able – the Lord has given us an excessive dose of supernatural, miraculous, dynamic, ability, power and authority to walk in victory over demonic forces
Resist – we get the word antihistamine.  It relieves irritations from allergies and unclogs barriers so we can breathe well…
Matthew 4:1-11
-resist the enemy in the evil day with the Word of God
          The Evil Day
-this is a huge attack of the enemy
-they will come at certain times, but not all of the time
-Having done all – Stand
        *Jesus did everything to defeat the devil and demonic forces