Sermon Notes 4/23 – Ephesians 2: 1-10

***Condition to Position
-Condition is our condition before salvation
-Position is who we are in Christ
verse 4 – BUT GOD
—this is the theme of the morning – BUT GOD……..this refers to the intervention of God
                   BUT GOD—Romans 5:6-11 v8) – The Intervention of God’s Love
Romans 5
v6 – without strength – means not being saved
-The Incarnation – God came to earth in the form of man Jesus Christ
-Isaiah 59:16
In Due Time – means at the right time
-the Lord is always on time
For the ungodly – means instead of the ungodly – Jesus took our place on the cross
verse 8 – BUT GOD
demonstrates His love – it means the Lord is constantly proving His love to us
His Love – the unconditional love of Jesus Christ for everyone & at all times
                How does the Lord prove His Love to Humanity?
(1.) Jesus Christ died for everyone – sinners
-He reconciled us to God – means to bring us together
(2.) We were Justified – verse 9
Justification is an act of God where the believer is called righteous & innocent
Justification is God looking at us just as if we have never sinned
-Justification is an act and not a process
-The believer remains righteous
-The Lord does not change His mind – He declares us to be righteous
-we are never under the wrath and judgment of God
(2.) BUT GOD – 1 Corinthians 10:11-13 (v13) – The Intervention of God’s Faithfulness
vs 1-11 – refer to Israel being tempted and how they fell away from the Lord
v12 – anyone could fall away from Jesus
v13 – we will be tempted – means to solicit someone to do evil
Being tempted is not sin, but to surrender to temptation is
common to man – all temptations have been felt by many people befoe
overtaken – means not to have a firm grip on you
-the power of Jesus is greater than the power of any temptation
v13 – BUT GOD – He is Faithful
-Remember:  The Lord doesn’t fix every situation because He uses those situations to fix you
                                 The Lord Gives Us A Promise
Who will not allow or permit – the Lord limits all temptations that come against us
We will be able to bear all temptations – endure/persist/overcome/keep moving forward
A way of Escape – temptations will not last forever
this is a picture of being surrounded by mountains and then you see a way to escape