Sermon Notes 4/17 – The Resurrection of Jesus Christ

The Resurrection of Jesus Christ

(1.) Because Jesus is risen and is alive, we can have confidence in all of the promises of God – Matthew 17:22-23…Matthew 28:1-6
-there are not too many people we can believe in today – but Jesus keeps His Word
-we can trust in all of the promises of God
(a.) One of the promises is that Jesus is coming back again
***One promise is that Jesus will come back again – John 14:1-3
***The signs in our culture show us that Jesus is coming back soon – Luke 21:10-19 & 25-28
-Violence in our big cities
-Corruption in every system in our nation
-The Rise of China & Partnership With Russia
-The Hatred of Israel
-Fast Travel
-An Increase of Knowledge – Daniel 12:4
(b.) One of the promises in the Bible is that Jesus will forgive us of all of our sins – 1 Corinthians 15:12-22 & Psalm 103:1-3, 12
               1.) Focus on the Person who Forgives  – Psalm 103:3,12
-the Lord wants to forgive everyone
-only Jesus can forgive people of their sins
               2.) Jesus forgives all of our sins – Psalm 103:3
               3.) Jesus forgives you as often as you commit sins – Psalm 103:3, 8-12
-Peter denied Jesus 3 times and He was forgiven
               4.) Jesus never holds our sins against us – Isaiah 43:25
-your past failures and sins are not held against you
-because Jesus raised from the grave, all of your sins can be forgiven