Sermon Notes 4/16 – Ephesians 2

OUTLINE: vs 1-3 – Life Without Jesus Christ
                  vs 4-9 – The Intervention of God
                      v10 – Our Position in Christ
***Eph 2:1-10 goes from our CONDITION to our POSITION…….
         4 D’S
V1 – DEAD – Spiritually dead
v2 – DISOBEDIENT – were part of the kingdom of darkness
v3 – DEPRAVED – the flesh ruled us
v4 – DOOMED – under God’s wrath
verse 1 – YOU – refers to all born again believers
-Proclaiming salvation is just saying you are saved
-Possessing salvation is knowing you are saved
-1 John 1:6-10
***Every person born is spiritually dead in trespasses and sins***
-trespasses are unknown sins – means to run aside from the truth
-sins – means to miss the mark and these are known sins
***Being spiritually dead is how we were before salvation, but this is not the way we are now – 1 Corinthians 6:9-11
        ***THROUGH CHRIST WE HAVE GONE FROM OUR CONDITION                                                                     TO OUR POSITION***
           There are times it is good to remember what we used to be like:
1. Because it brings great gratitude to our hearts for what the Lord has done for us – Psalm 105:1-5, 7
2. Because it helps us to see how far Jesus has brought us – Philippians 1:6
3. Because we understand what our main problem was and what the problem of every human being is – Ephesians 2:1
1. The Problem with Every Human Being Is The Sin Nature
— the problem is not acts of sins, but the sin nature
2. The Sin Nature Can Only Produce Sin –
3. Only Jesus Christ Can Break The Power Of The Sin Nature – John 1:29
-Isaiah 59:16 & 63:5 – The Incarnation says that God came to earth in the form of man, Jesus Christ, to redeem humanity
v4 – BUT GOD…