Sermon Notes 4/14 – Cosmic Conflict

                                   The Invisible World
Paul is under house arrest when writing Ephesians
Paul is chained to Roman guards 24-7-365
Paul sees the armor of God every day & relates it to the believer
verse 10 – Finally – it is a word of importance
brethren – means brother
        —it refers to standing together against the enemy & for all believers
Be Strong In The Lord – means to be infused with an excessive dose of dynamic inner strength & ability
   —this is deposited in us at salvation to fight the enemy
In the Power of His Might – Kratos power – a power that can withstand any enemy attack
verse 11 – Put on the whole armor of God
-the principle of repetition is shown here as v13 states the same principle as v11
***Full or Whole armor of God – means to be fully dressed and to have it all on
             -it is kept on by spending time with Jesus every day
             -it is never removed, but can lose its effect and influence
***We put on the armor of God to stand against the wiles of the devil
Able – speaks of incredible, explosive & dynamic power
-this enables us to stand against the enemy
-we can pursue the enemy and push him out of our lives
vs13-14 – STAND – this is a picture of a Roman soldier standing tall & strong
Against – this speaks of a face to face encounter with the enemy and the enemy has no chance against the believer
***We stand against the wiles of the devil – means methods
devil – means to throw a rock at us until it hurts and penetrates us
        1. This spiritual battle never stops until we get to heaven
        2. There is no level of spiritual maturity that keeps the believer immune from the enemy and his attacks
        3. Create clarity to eliminate confusion – be clear with the enemy that he is defeated and underneath our feet