Sermon Notes 4/11 – Mark 2:1-12

Mark gives 5 principles for the body of Christ to practice to produce a breakthrough in our nation…….
1. Jesus and His presence must be in the house – v1
2. The Word of God – v2
3. Evangelism -v3

Breakthrough – means to smash an obstacle/to penetrate the enemies territory
Who will give us a breakthrough?  The Breaker – Micah 2:13 – Jesus breaks through obstacles to free us from the enemy
v4 – roofs were made out of many kinds of materials and items – branches, clay & leaves
-the 4 men broke through the roof and created an open heaven
        What comes out of an open heaven?
           a. The anointing and presence and person of the Holy Spirit – Matthew 3:16-17
           b. Jesus is coming through – Revelation 19:11-16
           c. Salvation and healing is coming through – Mark 2:4
                     ***What can we learn about prayer from these 4 men***
-The first thing these 4 men did was to pray – Matt 6:25-33 & 1 Tim 2:1-8
2. PRAYER IS A PRIVILEGE – Hebrews 4:16
-prayer is spending daily time with our best friend who is Jesus
-the Lord wants to be with us
             a. this is for personal and prayer gatherings – Acts 3:1..Lev 26:1-13..Matthew  18:18-19
            b. all 4 men prayed
            c. Prayer is work
            d. Prayer works – Psalm 34:4 & 1 John 5:14-15
3. PRAYER IS BELIEVING – Mark 1:14-15/9:23-24/11:22-25
-to receive we must believe
                   a. We must believe when things take time – Galatians 6:9
                   b. We must believe no matter what we see – 2 Cor 5:7
-never deny the truth – change it through the Word and faith in Jesus
                   c. We must believe because all things are possible – Genesis 32:24-30
-keep digging…….when you get tired, have others pray with you