Sermon Notes 4/10 – Praising The Lamb


                          Revelation 5 & Luke 19:28-40
(1.) JESUS CHRIST IS WORTHY TO BE PRAISED – Rev 5:1-14 (vs 2,4,9,12)
-Jesus is worthy to receive all praise, glory and honor – He is #1
-Revelation 5:1-8 –
-this takes place in heaven
-the scroll is the title deed to the earth
-when man sinned, Satan took possession of this deed
-only Jesus can get the title deed back
***Worthy – means to deserve something
-only Jesus deserves to be praised.  Why?
                (1.) Jesus deserves to be praised because He is the only Redeemer of the earth and humanity – Revelation 5:4
                (2.) Only Jesus deserves to be praised because Jesus Christ is God
-Jesus never shuts down people praising Him – Luke 4:8
-Matthew 2:1-2, 9-11…Matthew 8:1-2…Matthew 9:18…Matthew 14:33 – Jesus accepted worship
REMEMBER: Do Not Let What Is Wrong With You Keep You From Worshipping
                                              What Is Right With God
(2.) HANG OUT WITH PRAISERS – Luke 19:28-40 (v37)
             ***There are 2 groups mentioned
                        GROUP # 1 – a multitude of Christ followers praising the Lamb
v37 – loud and boisterous
v38 – they recognized Jesus as King – the Messiah
v39 – loud praise made the religious people uncomfortable
v40 – Jesus invited everyone to praise Him
-Praise is the language of faith
        -Praisers have a NO MATTER what praise
                        GROUP # 2 – The Religious Crowd
-Jesus admonishes and rebukes the religious crowd and not the praisers
(3.) IT’S AN INSIDE JOB – Psalm 105:1-5
-Praise, maturity and discipleship all go together
-What the Lord is doing on the inside of us will come out on the outside of us
REMEMBER:  How you praise is determined by how well you know the One you praise
                 ***TRY THANKSGIVING***