Sermon Notes 3/7 – Mark

Mark 1:33-45

vs33-34 – a steady stream of people came to hear about Jesus
v35 – Two points to note:
                    1. Jesus developed a habit
                    2. We have to develop a secret place – to isolate with Jesus alone – vs36-37
verse 38 – NO HOLY HUDDLES
Let us Go – means let us be going and keep on going
                  Mark 1:40-45 – A LEPER
v40 – Leper – was an incurable disease…this person was not saved
       – Leprosy represents sin
came to Jesus – unbelievers were coming to Jesus
***Jesus said He had the desire to heal this man of leprosy
***clean – saved and healed
vs41-42 – Moved with Compassion – the reaction of Jesus
***Be cleansed – be cleansed at once – it was an immediate salvation & healing
vs43-44 – a verified healing – the priest would verify the healing
v45 – the people wanted to make Jesus King
       – The people wanted Jesus to stay with them and not leave
                         Mark 2:1-12
-Its time for a breakthrough
-5 Principles that need to be in every church to see our communities & nation changed
Breakthrough – this word speaks of progress, momentum, warfare, winning and defeating the enemy…penetrating an unpenetrable stronghold…overthrow the enemy
v1 – Capernaum – Peter’s house and the headquarters of Jesus in Galilee
v2 – Jesus was present
——–5 Principles That Must Be In Every Church In America
PRINCIPLE #1 – We need Jesus to be in the House – Mark 2:1-2
-we need to let Jesus into our churches – Revelation 3:20
-some things cannot be explained because of the manifest presence of the Lord
A Crime in the church today – Building a church & having church growth without the Holy Spirit and His presence being present – Judges 16:20-21
         Two Points To Recognize About The Presence Of The Lord
                 1. There is a theological presence
-the names of the Lord reveal this – Matthew 1:23  & Ez 48:35
-the presence of the Lord is not a feeling or emotion – Hebrews 13:5 – it is based on a promise and the Word of God
                2. We must enter into the glory zone – this is the manifest presence of the Lord – we sense, feel and experience the presence of the Lord
   ***Many things happen when we enter into the Glory Zone ——-
-there were radical reversals in the life of the paralytic…