Sermon Notes 3/3 – The Power of God

There are 5 powers of God: (please place these on all 3 LED walls if that is possible and leave them up for awhile)
1. Dunamis – dynamite miraculous power
2. Exousia – Authority
3. Ischus – strength
4. Energeia – energy…enthusiasm
5. Kratos – expansion power and dominion
(1.) THE LORD GOD IS ALL POWERFUL – 1 Chronicles 29:10-13
-Omnipotent – means all powerful
-The Lord can do anything if you believe – Mark 9:23
-Nothing is too difficult for the Lord – Jeremiah 32:17
-With God nothing is impossible – Luke 1:37
(you can use these three scriptural phrases throughout the message and worship)
The Lord created all things – the heavens and the earth – Genesis 1:1
-this is where the fly, hummingbird and the creation of the earth will be mentioned—
The Lord is ALMIGHTY – Revelation 1:8
-this means the Lord is exalted above every name and god – Philippians 2:5-11
– Jesus Christ is the only One who has been exalted
(2.) THE POWER OF GOD IS FOR EVERYONE – Eph 3:20 & Romans 8:11
The “I” is for everyone…
-Impartation means to be poured into…to hand over…to give to
-it comes from the Lord and increases
Being stuck can hinder us from receiving the power of God and being used with the power of God…Acts 3:1-11
Lesson #1 – We can be in a beautiful position, but still have an ugly issue – vs1-3
-not knowing your position in Christ will hinder you from being used by God with His power or receiving the power of God in your life…
-I am lame, crippled a broken person —no, you are powerful, strong, mighty,  victorious and an overcomer
-Expect the Lord to do great things every day – v5
LESSON #2 – Other people can only carry you so far – vs2,11
IT’s Decision Time – it’s time to become unstuck, to receive an impartation and get into the presence of God every day on our own