Sermon Notes 3/28 – It’s Time for a Breakthrough

Breakthrough – Mark 2:3
-to smash an obstacle to make progress
-to penetrate the enemies territory
-to remove anything that restricts flow
Principle #1 – We need Jesus & His presence in the house
Principle #2 – We need the Word of God
Principle #3 – We need evangelism
verse 3 – 4 Men – 4 is the # of direction – north, south, east and west
Matthew 28:16-20 – The presence of the lord is with us when we join Him in what He is doing
The definition of Evangelism – It is when people are so zealous, on fire & passionate for Jesus that they in turn have to tell others about Him
***These 4 men brought the paralytic to Jesus – unsaved and physically paralyzed
             1. Every believer has the joy & responsibility to bring people to Jesus ———– 2 Timothy  4:5
    ***There are NO EXCUSES for not sharing the gospel
             2. Bringing people to Jesus is a huge priority in the life of a believer – Nehemiah 3:1-14
                  verses 1-2 – the Sheep Gate – represents redemption
-no bolts or locks – everyone is welcome into the Kingdom of God
                  verse 3 – Fish Gate – where fish were brought to the marketplace – it represents evangelism
             3. We bring people to Jesus because He is the only person who can save anyone – Luke 19:1-10
-only Jesus can break the power of sin in our lives – the sin nature is the issue for everyone
             4. Bringing people to Jesus includes several things:
-Keep it simple – 1 Cor 15:1-5
        ***Just give people the simple gospel
        ***Pop the question
-Keep the outcome on your mind – 1 Cor 3:1-8
         ***we are not responsible for the outcome of witnessing
         ***Bringing people to Jesus is verbal and living for the Lord
            5. Bringing people to Jesus is eternal – Titus 3:3-7
***Bringing people to Jesus is for here and there
           —for an abundant life on earth – John 10:10
           —for eternal life to gain an entrance to heaven