Sermon Notes 3/24 – The Power To Reach

We are called to REACH

We are Empowered to REACH

Romans 8:5-6- you can’t  always control what happens to you

You can control through the power of the Holy Spirit your attitude

Your Attitude can control how freely the Spirit can operate through YOU!

Mark 16:17

Romans 10:14-15- The Word Empowers us to REACH through the Holy Spirit

We have a Mission to REACH

A Movement with A Mission

To Reach people for Christ in ourCommunity in Our Nation

To Reach the Unreached

When we stick to the Mission we can be Guaranteed the Holy Spirits leading!

Don’t allow your bags to Hold you back from Reaching

Psalms 51:10-13

David understood he needed to get right with God so that he could operate freely

Our baggage can hold us back from what God wants to do in you and through you