Sermon Notes 3/2 -Joel 2 – The Last Days

verses 1-12 – we need to turn to the Lord
-with all of our heart — deep down within/with all of your heart
-with fasting, weeping & mourning – this is the fruit fo repentance
-At salvation, there is some kind of manifestation of a changed life
v13 – tear your heart and not your clothes
-rend – means to tear
tear your heart – true repentance and not your clothes which is false repentance
-we turn to the Lord because of who He is
         a. the Lord is gracious and merciful – Dt 4:30-31
the Lord views the world with compassion and jumps in to help them
         b. the Lord is slow to anger —– Jesus is patient with us
         c. The Lord is completely kind – He abounds in great love
vs13-14 – this is the Lord calling back His judgment – relenting
verse 15 – blow the trumpet – sounded to gather people together
v16 – the people – the adult population
children & babies – babies through school age children
elders – leaders of the land like govt leaders
honeymooners – those who are newly married
v17 – speaks of the religious leaders of Israel – they need to repent
-lead the people to the Lord so people won’t stop believing in the Lord
vs15-19 – the Lord wants Israel to cry out to Him in prayer
-Psalm 30
-crying out prayer is a supernatural weapon
verses 18-32 – Blessings from the Lord During the Last Days
v18 – starts a new section is Joel listing the blessings from repentance
-2 John 8 – the Lord wants us to have a full reward
-Psalm 66:16-20 –  sin will hinder our prayers from being answered – repentance changes this and the Lord answers our prayers as we repent
Blessing # 2 – Prosperity and Provision
-Matthew 6:25-34
v24 – overflow – means to run over and pour out….