Sermon Notes 3/17 – The Holy Spirit

School of the Holy Spirit

We receive the HOLY Spirit at salvation

We are led by the Spirit at surrender!

Romans 8:8-15

2 ways of Life:
Walk according to the flesh
Walk according to the Spirit
1. To be led by the Holy Spirit we need Rapid Repentance
Isaiah 43:7-21
We are called to walk with Power. ALL OF US!
Luke 9:1-6
With the Holy Spirit, we have authority over ALL demons. ALL diseases.
2. When being led by the Holy Spirit we walk in KINGDOM AUTHORITY.
Miracles happen when the people are hungry.
Let go of the things of the past. And let the Lord do a NEW THING in us.

John 14:15-18

3. To be led by the Holy Spirit we must trust His leading.

Being led by the Holy Spirit is not always easy… but WORTH IT!

The Lord is doing a NEW THING in the body of Christ.

He’s calling the hungry. He’s calling the thirsty.