Sermon Notes 3/10 – The Power of God


AUTHORITY – Exousia Power
 Matthew 8:28-29 – The power of God attracts the enemy
                 —the enemy attacks
——-dunamis – miraculous— dynamite power
How will the enemy attack?
1. DOUBT – James 1:1-8 – with Doubt
-the word doubt means to question
         REMEMBER: Delay is not denial
                                The enemy whispers with death on his breath
2. DISTANCE – James 4:8 –
-Busyness can be our enemy – busyness produces detachment which produces spiritual weakness
-Eliminate Hurry
-Weakness Invites Aggression
             Authority – Exousia Power – is supernatural, superhuman power and strength to push back the enemy…it’s the force of God…to have control over
REMEMBER: Demons are only as strong as the power we permit to have in our lives. They have no control over any believer unless we let them have control
Authority is delegated – Eph 1:3 and Matthew 28:18 – received at salvation
Authority is a command – Acts 16:16-18 – be in a command mode
-every believer must use their authority over the enemy – The Lord will not do this for the believer
Authority is continual – 1 Peter 5:8-9
Using your authority continually does not mean your authority does not mean