Sermon Notes 2/9 – The Last Days

Joel Chapter 2

-Joel is one of the minor prophets book in the Bible – smaller in content
Joel 2:1 – this is written to the priests – the leaders of Israel
—1 Chronicles 12:32 – the priests were to prepare and warn the people
verse 1 – the Lord’s Trumpet
-the day of the Lord is the second coming of Jesus Christ
-trumpet is a shofar – made from a ram or bull
       The Trumpet Was Blown For Several Reasons
1. to signal approaching danger
2. a call to assemble people together
3. to announce something
verses 2-5 –
-the day of the Lord – 2 things will happen
   1. refers to misery and destruction
   2. everything will grow dark
-Matthew 24:29-30
-Jesus, the Light of the World, crashes through the darkness – Rev 19:10-18
***A great & mighty people – this is the enemies of Israel
-this is the 7 year tribulation period – Matthew 24:21
v2 – as the dawn comes
-no one can hold back the sun coming up or going down
-no one can stop the return of the Lord or the coming invasion of Israel
v3 – these are the last days weapons used in the invasion with Israel
v4 – as the enemies invade Israel – in front of them it looks beautiful
     – as the enemies invade Israel – it looks desolate and destroyed
-this verse also describes modern day weapons in the invasion of Israel
v5 – some feel these are cruise missiles
     – Joel is receiving this in a vision and trying to explain what he sees
v6 – the reaction of Israel when the invasion happens
-pain – means to shaken and in anguish
faces – become pale…they are frightened about what is happening
verses 7-9 – these verses speak of end time demonic driven armies against Israel
***they are a disciplined, unified army on a mission—not crowding one another
verse 9 – the enemy runs through Jerusalem to kill, steal and destroy – Jn 10:10
verse 10 – the Lord returns and turns things around
-the Lord is giving the world one last chance to be saved – Joel 3:14