Sermon Notes 2/ 8 Gospel of Mark

                                                  Chapter One
verse 9 – It came to pass – it speaks of being at the right time
             – Be Patient – James 5:7-8
             – Galatians 6:9
baptized – means to overwhelm, be immersed and be fully wet
verse 10 – an open heaven – prayer produces an open heaven
-the anointing of the Holy Spirit came through the open heaven – Acts 10:38
         ***anointing means to smear with oil
         ***dove – represents gentleness, softness and tenderness
verse 11 – beloved son – it speaks of Jesus being unique and one of a kind
      ***the trinity is found in vs10-11
      ***well pleased – this is a verse on identity – who we are in Christ
vs12-13 – Immediately – a key word in Mark used around 50 times – quickly…at once…now
-the Holy Spirit leads the righteous
-Dt 8:1-11 – reveals why we are led into the wilderness
-tempted – means to influence and persuade someone to do evil and what is wrong
verse 14 – Galilee – means circle – Galilee is a circle of towns
preaching – is a herald…a public crier
imprisoned – believers can have bad things happen to them even when they are innocent
verse 15 – The time is fulfilled – this is a special God appointed time – the first coming of Jesus
The kingdom of God is at hand – speks of 2 things:
1. This is receiving the rule of Jesus in our lives and being saved
2. this refers to the millennial kingdom
repent – means to change your mind/turn away from sin and then turn to
believe the good news – make a committment to Jesus
Verses 16-19 – The Call of 4 Fishermen
-Sea of Galilee also represents the sea of humanity
-Jesus calls 4 men into the ministry
verse 17 – Follow Me – get on the same road that Jesus is on
***it is an invitation
***Make you – work with you and develop you into a strong disciple of Jesus Christ
           Fishers of Men
-this refers to being called to ministry and a call to get people saved
verses 18-20 – Immediately they left their families and livelihoods/a once & for all decision – Luke 14:25-27
Verses 21-28 – Jesus casts out an unclean spirit
-they meet a demon as soon as they are called
                        TWO POINTS ABOUT THIS CALL
          1. you do not have to enter into this battle or calling
          2. It is not a fight with people
REMEMBER: Do not make the battle personal
verse 21 – Capernaum – this was the headquarters of Jesus
taught – is a lengthy time of teaching
verse 22 – amazed – means to be shocked
              – authority – means superhuman ability and force
Luke 9:1-2 and Ephesians 1:1-3
verses 23-24 – a man with an unclean spirit – this is a demon
-this is an unbeliever who can be possessed – believers can never be demon possessed
-demons can only be one place at a time
-unclean spirit – it refers to being wicked or evil – they promote & delight in wickedness
verse 24 – demons can possess a body and talk through that body
-demons do not know everything, but only what they hear
-demons cannot read your mind
verse 25 – Jesus rebukes the demon  – means to restrain & strongly warn
verse 26 – remember that when a demon makes the most noise, the end of their dominance is near
-convulsed – means to shake violently
-cried out – means to make a loud shriek
the demon came out after a bot of time – this is the first miracle found in Mark