Sermon Notes 2/29 – Mark One

vs17-20 – Jesus calls several men to ministry – a Full Time calling
-immediately – is the key word in Mark
-they left everything to follow Jesus
vs21-28 – Jesus casts out an unclean spirit
-when you are called, you are attacked by demons
-Our battle is not against people
-do not make the battle personal
v21 – Capernaum – the headquarters of Jesus while in Galilee
v22 – amazed and astonished and shocked
authority – delegated power from the Lord to believers – Luke 9:1-2
vs23-24 – a man is possessed by a demon – an unbeliever
-believers have the Holy Spirit living in them – 1 Cor 3:16 & Romans 8:9-11
-believers cannot be demon possessed
unclean spirit – another name for a demon
-refers to wickedness…evil…foul…sickening…promotes evil and wickedness
v24 – cried out – a horrifying, deep, terrible cry
-demons can talk – they only know what they hear
                3 Things to Do when demons talk and tempt believers:
      1. Respond…2.Resist…3.Replace
v25 – Jesus rebukes the demon – means to put a muzzle on the demon
-this is a command
v26 – when demons make the most noise, the end of their dominance is near
-the demon came out – it took some time
v27 – questioned – to discuss and debate…….a long animated discussion
new doctrine and teaching – means new in freshness
v28 – fame – Luke 10:1,17 – the news of Jesus spreads everywhere
                              THE HEALING MINISTRY OF JESUS
vs29-30 – Jesus heals a fever and virus
-they went to Jesus first with this sickness – Matthew 6:33
v31 – she serves Jesus after being healed
v32 – bring to Him – means to carry a burden of some kind
v33 – a steady stream of people came to Jesus
v34 – healing vs demon oppression
vs35-37  – prayer is an appointment with the Father
                       a. Jesus developed a habit
                       b. Jesus discovered a secret place
-looking for – means to pursue…it is a hunting term to track an animal
                                    Mark 1:40-45
                                         A Leper
v40- leper – an incurable disease…represents sin & not being saved…unclean
Came to Jesus – it says something when unbelievers are attracted to you
beseeching – means to beg
willing – Jesus has the desire
clean – you can heal me, save me and clean up my life
vs 41-42 – moved with compassion – the reaction of Jesus to unbelievers and people
be cleansed – was an immediate cure
-Jesus touched the leper which represents Jesus taking upon Himself the sins of the world
vs43-44 – healings had to be priest verified
v45 – people wanted to make Jesus King and Jesus to stay with them & not leave
v38 – GO – let us go means let us be going