Sermon Notes 2/22 – Mark

vs 16- 19 – a call to FT ministry
v17 – follow Me – to be on the same road as Jesus is
-it is an invitation
-only follow Jesus and not any human being or minister
I will make you – means to develop/speaks of growth and discipleship
***the Lord will complete the work in every believer – Phil 1:6
***fishers of men – refers to winning people to Jesus
vs18-20 – Immediately is a key word in Mark.
-they left everything to follow Jesus
-Luke 14:25-27
vs21-28 – Jesus casts out an unclean spirit
-they met a demon as soon as they are called
2 Points About the call to ministry and the Enemy
      1. you do not have to enter into this calling
      2. we are not fighting people
v21 – Capernaum was the headquarters of Jesus in Galilee
*taught – is a lengthy time of teaching
v22 – amazed…astonished…shocked
       – authority – is superhuman ability and force – Luke 9:1-2
vs23-24 – a man with an unclean spirit is saved and delivered
unclean spirit – this is another name for a demon
-they delight in wickedness and promote evil
v24 – demons can possess and unbelievers body -it was a horrifying and terrible cry
-demons only know what they hear
v25 – Jesus rebukes the demon – means to restrain/strongly warn – in a command mode
v26 – REMEMBER: When the demon makes the most noise, the end of their dominance is near
-the demon came out – it took a little bit of time
v27 – questioned – to debate ande examine and discuss – a long animated time of speaking
new doctrine – means new in freshness and quality – had some substance
v28 – fame – news about Jesus spread like lightning lights up the sky for miles
                                            THE HEALING MINISTRY OF JESUS
vs29-30 – Peter’s mother-in-law has a high fever and is very sick
      v30 — the first thing is to run to Jesus – Matthew 6:33
v31 – Jesus helps her up and she is healed
-she begins to serve – means to be like a waiter
v32 – people brought the sick & oppressed to Jesus – people who were carrying burdens
v33 – the whole city – these were people waiting outside the house to see Jesus
v34 – healing and demon deliverance can be different
various – means many colored
vs35 -37 –  an appointment with the Father – a prayer appointment
-looking for – this is a hunting term where people pursue an animal until they get it
-develop a habit
-discover a secret place
verse 38 – Go – this is the Great Commission..