Sermon Notes 2/16 – Building the Kingdom of God

Nehemiah chapter 1
3 Principles to building the Kingdom of God in our lives

Principle #1:

We need to be serious about prayer.

Nehemiah heard the news and dropped to his knees to pray.

When prayer is the “first option” it is a sign that person is truly depending on GOD in all things.
We can’t be “fixers” , we need to wait on God for direction.
Nehemiah prayed and waited for 4 months before moving.
For great vision there needs to be a great team
Nehemiah 2:16
Principle #2- We have to be all in
Nehemiah 4:19-23

When being “ALL IN”- there will be necessary sacrifices

In light of Christ coming back , nothing else really matters but the Great Commission.

Principle #3- expect and prepare for the enemy to attack

The enemy does not want the kingdom to be built

The enemy doesn’t sleep

We are on the winning side