Sermon Notes 2/15 – Mark

verse 14 – Galilee – means circle – a circle of cities –
-Israel was divided into 3 areas – Galilee, Samaria and Judea
-preaching a herald proclaiming the gospel – a public crier
-believers will go through tough times – nothing is wrong
verse 15 – the time is fulfilled –
time – kairos time – a God appointed time/a special time/for the Messiah to appear
the kingdom of God is at hand – the rule of God is present to save you & rule your heart
                                                 – the rule of God will come to the earth – the Millennium
Repent – means to change your mind/turn away from sin and turn to Jesus Christ
Believe the good news – means to make a commitment of faith in Jesus
verses 16-19 – the call of 4 fishermen to ministry
-Jesus found 4 men who surrender to the call to ministry
-these men had been following Jesus, but now accepted a call from Him to ministry
verse 17 – Follow Me – means to get on the same road that Jesus is on
-it is an invitation
-follow Jesus
I will make you – this is spiritual growth and discipleship
Fishers of men – verse 17
-this has to do with our call to ministry
-Jesus is looking for people who are busy
-we are to cast our nets to get people saved
verses 18-20 – Simon…Andrew…James…John
IMMEDIATELY – This is a key word used in Mark around 50 times
-they left everything – Luke to get 14:25-27
verses 21-28 – Jesus Casts Out An Unclean spirit
-when you accept the call to ministry demons will attack you
         Two Points About The Call Of God
1. You do not have to enter into the battle or calling
2. Our fight is not with people
verse 21 – Capernaum – the headquarters for Jesus in Galilee – Peters house was here…
synagogue – 10 men above the age of 12 were needed to start a synagogue
verse 22 – taught – means a lengthy time of teaching
Amazed – astonished, shocked & amazed – WOW…
Authority – means a superhuman ability and force
Luke 9:1-2 & Eph 1:1-3
verses 23-24 – a man possessed with a demon – an unbeliever
unclean spirit – means a demon spirit that is wicked, perverse and evil/promotes evil
verse 24 – demons can possess a body
cried out – this is a horrifying, deep, terrible cry
verse 25 – Jesus rebukes the demon – means to put a muzzle on the demon…to make speechless
verse 26 – when a demon makes the most noise, the end of their dominance is near
the demon came out – it took a little time, but the demon came out – this is the first miracle found in Mark
verse 27 – question – a debate and discussion takes place
*new doctrine – means something fresh
*command – to give an order
verse 28 – means to report about Jesus to everyone – like lightning lights up the sky for miles