Sermon Notes 12/7 – The Holy Spirit

1. The Holy Spirit is all in when it comes to Christmas – Matthew 1:18-25
-the virgin birth of Jesus Christ came through the miraculous power of the Spirit
2. The Holy Spirit is a person and God – Psalm 139:7-10
-The trinity – coequal…co-eternal and God
-The Holy Spirit is our stand by – He is always present and ready for action
3. The Holy Spirit Produces Great Joy – Matthew 2:10 & Luke 2:10
-the star represents the Holy Spirit
-The Holy Spirit will produce GREAT JOY
                a. Great Joy is a fruit and not a feeling and emotion
Phil 2:12-13 – work out your salvation – abiding is work
Gal 5:16 – spend time with Jesus daily
-it is the responsibility of each believer to develop & grow great joy
-nothing can take this joy away unless we stop abiding
                b. Great Joy is not always felt – Nehemiah 8:10
-joy is strength to help us through difficult times
                c. Pursue great joy & not happiness – Psalm 43:4
-Great Joy is Jesus
-Jesus is the only thing that satisfies
  4. JOY IS ATTRACTIVE  – John 15:11
-Jesus drew large crowds because of His joy
-Throw a party – Luke 5:29-39
-a joyless Christianity is unattractive
-Jesus also attended weddings – John 2:1-7
-weddings at this time were a week long & filled with joy & activities
-wine represents joy – running out of wine represents running out of joy
5. Great Joy Is A Choice
-Romans 14:17 – God’s kingdom is a kingdom filled with joy
-Rev 5:12-14 – heaven is filled with joy
-we have a free will to choose joy or be miserable
-it is time for a divine exchange – exchange mourning for joy – Jere 31:13