Sermon Notes 12/16

Acts 16:25

                                             @ Midnight
Midnight – represents the trials and hardships of life
***we all go through difficult times
               What should we do when midnight comes?
1.) PRAY – v25
a. prayer opens doors – vs25-34
-this represents an impossible situation because of the amount of doors
b. The goal of prayer is that the Lord would be glorified – John 12:27-28
-the prayer of Paul & Silas and its length is not given
-most people pray the escape prayer
-we need to pray at all times and not just when there is an emergency
-singing hymns to the Lord –  means singing praises to the Lord
     a. Praise is a choice – Psalm 150:1-6
-Praise is not an emotion.  It is worship that goes to Jesus Christ
-We need worship that rules over every adverse situation…….
     b. Praise is to be on earth as it is in heaven – Matthew 6:8-13 and Revelation 5:8-14 (vs12-13)
Praise in Heaven – Revelation 5:8-14
vs8 &14  – falling down before the Lord
***The 24 elders are the believers from the OT & NT
harp – a real harp or a stringed instrument – instruments in heaven
v9 – singing
v12 – loud
v13 – everyone involved
vs8-13 – totally focused on Jesus Christ
vs8-13 – rejoicing
-praise & worship is lifting up our voices to the Lord…….
Praise on Earth
-praise on earth is to be just like praise in heaven
-praise is heard – the jailer woke up – v27
-praise is Biblical and obedience – Psalm 134:2…100:1…Psalm 149:1-4
-the enemies of praise are:  Reputation…Religion…Reasoning
c. PRAISE CHANGES US – – – – – – – NOT THE LORD – Malachi 3:6
-the Lord is always good and faithful
-Paul & Silas had a solid Biblical foundation which allowed them to PTL at all times…
d. Praise Accomplishes Alot – v26
***Shifts take Place
-earthquakes shift things….
-as believers praise the Lord, there is a shift from sadness to joy/sickness to health
     Praise Break Chains Supernaturally
-People who weren’t praising the Lord were touched
-every believer must develop their own praise life
-the more people who praise ——- the more things the Lord will do