Sermon Notes 12/15 – Samson and The Holy Spirit

***Samson operated in the supernatural which is the power and presence of the Holy Spirit – Judges 13:24-25
          a. Samson took a Nazarite vow – Judges 13:1-5
          b. Operating in the supernatural has everything to do with our Nazarite Vow
Matthew 6:6
*Personal time with Jesus PRODUCES Personal Revival PRODUCES Supernatural power and Presence
*Matthew 6:6 – The SECRET PLACE – this refers to an intimate time between a husband and wife which conceiving a child could occur
           a. shut the door – keep out all noises
           b. secret refers to something being hidden or concealed
-we start to deal with the hidden issues in our lives
-we start to discover hidden issues we didn’t know existed
-we start to hear from the Lord things He wants to reveal to us that have been hidden – Jeremiah 33:1-3
*Spending time with Lord equals receiving more and being used more by the Lord
Psalm 91
verse 1 – He – is every born again believer
dwells – means to remain and stay
secret place (shelter) – this is a place to spend time with Jesus/it is noticeable
               The Dwelling Place – Psalm 91
1. To dwell in Christ you must be saved and stay saved – Gal 5:16 – Walk…
-we develop staying power by staying and remaining in the secret place every day
2. Dwelling in the secret place with Jesus is a choice – Psalm 91
-the Lord has made His choice by desiring to be with us
-we need to make a choice to be with Him
-every believer determines what their Christian walk and life will be like
-REWARDS – Hebrews 11:6 and 2 John 8
-dwelling in the secret place every day is not hard — it is a discipline
-it is forever – it is continuing,,,,,,,,Acts 14:21-22
3. Dwelling in the Secret Place is a Priority – Matthew 6:19-33
-we all make room in our lives for what we feel is important