Sermon Notes 11/5 – Ezekiel 37-39

Ezekiel 38
verses 1 – 2 – Gog – means roof and speaks of the man on the top
             -Magog, Rosh, Mesheck & Tubal – is the land of Gog
             -these territories are all located north of Israel – Turkey & Russia
verser 3 – the Lord is against the governments of Russia and any country against Israel – Matthew 24:9
verse 4 – The Lord is in charge
verses 4-5 – The Russian Coalition of nations Against Israel
Persia – Iran
Ethiopia & Sudan
Togarmah and Gomer – Turkey
Israel will be surrounded and we will be surrounded today in many ways…
Contrary winds are all around us – Matthew 14:22-33 (v24)
Contrary – means against/unfavorable/to oppose/an incompatible situation
       ***these are winds coming from every direction
                What do we do since we are surrounded?
1. Know that we are surrounded – John 2:1-11
-we are surrounded by the Lord’s goodness, love, grace, presence, glory and anointing
-John 2 says the good wine has been kept for last – for us in the church age
2. Sleep – Mark 4:38-40
-Jesus is sleeping in a windstorm
-Jesus got wet – represents going through trials just like we do
-Jesus was resting in the Fathers peace and presence
-The Lord gave the disciples a promise and never said they were perishing
3. Rebuke the Devourer – Mark 4:39
-Mark 1:21-25 – the same word rebuke is used here as was used in Mark 4:39
-We gain the attention of the enemy in 2 ways
                        1. by being on fire for Jesus even when we are surrounded
                        2. when we grumble & complain and walk in unbelief & doubt