Sermon Notes 10/26 – The Restraining Force

2 THESS 2:5-7
V5 – Remember what the Apostles & prophets  & the Word has stated about the return of the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ
V6 – RESTRAINING – means to hold something down and back
-this restraining force is at work today
v7 – there is a time limit for the restraining force to operate
-the restraining force is the body of Christ
-the restraining force will be removed at the rapture
-the restraining force is not the Holy Spirit
1. The Holy Spirit cannot be removed – He is God & everywhere at once
psalm 139:7-14 and Acts 5:1-5
2. The Holy Spirit is Eternal – Hebrews 9:14
the Holy Spirit is eternal and a person – and He is not a force or energy
3. The Holy Spirit is always active, alive and working – even after the rapture
             a. The Holy Spirit convicts – John 16:5-11 – it is a legal term
             b. The Holy Spirit is a great Promoter – John 16:12-15
-He promotes Jesus and only points to Jesus
             c. The Holy Spirit strengthens us – Mark 6:45-52
-Focus on the strengthener
-the Holy Spirit strengthens our resolve to follow Jesus
-Philippians 4:13
How does the church restrain evil and wickedness?  By prayer & praying…
Crying out to the Lord in prayer which is lifting up our voices in prayer
We cry out in prayer because it is scriptural – Psalm 88:1-2, 13 & 102:1-2
        Why do we need to cry out to the Lord in prayer?
1. Because of the times we are living in – 1 Chr 12:32 & 2 Tim 3:1-9
-we are living in difficult times and we need the Lord – this is a sign of humility
2. Because the Lord limits Himself to our prayers – MATTHEW 7:7-8
-knowing this means I really am going to pray
-Let’s don’t lose sight of the fact that our prayers matter
3. We must cry out to the Lord continually – Luke 11:5-8
-continual praying is not a lack of faith