Sermon Notes 10/23 – One Thing


                               Daniel 3:6-8
-ONE THING – the 3 men in the fiery furnace knew ONE THING – they would not worship the image and false god
-ONE THING – Psalm 27:1-8 – Behold the beauty of the Lord – v4 – ONE THING David knew was Jesus Christ (v8)…
           ***We want to know Jesus – v8 – His face
           ***Jesus is unpredictable, unexplainable and it’s impossible for Him to do nothing
EXAMPLE:  The 3 men in the fiery furnace
-no harm came to the 3 men
-Jesus was with them in the fire
-the emperor & others were saved
-saw the power of God manifest
-Jesus did the unexplainable – He didn’t say No in the scriptures – Lk 5:12-13…Matt 9:27-29…Matt 4:23-24…Mark 6:1-6
-Do not resist or deny the supernatural workings and power of Jesus – Have faith in God
EXAMPLE: John 9 – Jesus again is unpredictable and unexplainable
verse 1 – Jesus sees a blind man – blindness was everywhere in the times of Jesus
-blindness – refers to being physically blind and not being saved
-passes by – represents Jesus always being on the move – even when there are trials (John 8:58 – they try to kill Jesus)
-when a trial starts – the Great Commission keeps on going
-Keep moving forward during a trial – Daniel 3:25 – they kept on walking and Mark 6:48 – they kept on rowing
-Advance in Adversity
-Jesus can create something out of nothing – Genesis 1:1-3
vs2-3 Born blind – there are trials because sin entered into the world
vs4-5 – the Lord is going to use this trial to reveal His glory, power & strength
-to either be healed or to receive supernatural strength to be a strong witness for Jesus
vs 6-7 – Jesus does the unexplainable and is unpredictable
vs8-25 – they try to discover how this blind man was healed
vs15-25, 30 – ONE THING I KNOW (v25) – I Know Jesus and I know that I was blind, but now I see
Make a declaration as you leave today:
I was blind but now I see
I was sick but now I am healed
I was unsaved but now I am saved