Sermon Notes 10/22 – The Day of the Lord

V1 – Beloved – means divinely loved one – speaks of how much the Lord loves us
-get stirred up  – to fully wake up from a deep sleep
-pure minds – means to be unmixed/free from falsehoods
vs2-3 – remember what I am sharing with you
vs3-4 Scoffers – means to make fun of and ridicule
-the scoffers said the Lord will not return
vs5 -7 – the scoffers forget about some facts which is Noah and the flood
v8 – Judgment will come in the Lord’s timing
                2 THINGS ABOUT THE LORD
***The Lord is patient – means to have a long fuse/to hold back your anger
***The Lord keeps His promises
-the Lord keeps His promises as we follow His instructions – Ex and 15:26
v9 – judgment comes after everyone gets saved
v10 – The day of the Lord – this is the day the Lord returns
       – The day of the Lord will come – this day has been determined & is a decree
       – The day of the Lord will come without warning and suddenly – like a thief ion the night
vs10-11 – speaks of a future nuclear war
verse 11 – walk in holiness in the last days
-holy – means to be set apart and to be separated
-Redemption brings separation
-the Word brings separation
-world events produce separation
-friends produce separation
-the Voice of the Holy Spirit produces separation
vs 11-12 – the entire world will be changed and renovated – not annihilated or completely destroyed
v13 – everything will be brand new
vs12- 13 – we will be looking – expecting & looking forward to:
        1. The second coming of Jesus Christ
        2. Heaven