Sermon Notes 10/2 – Even If Believers and the Fiery Furnace

Daniel 3:16-18
-3 men were thrown into a fiery furnace – this represents fiery trials we all go through
-the Lord was with them and they practiced the Bible Principle of ONE THING
-ONE THING – we will not worship any other gods but the true and living God
***Every believer will experience trials, but EVEN IF they are long and hard trials, we will always follow Jesus
(1.) ONE THING I Desire ——- that I may dwell in the house of the Lord all the days of my life – Psalm 27:1-6 (v4)
-every believer needs to desire Jesus and to be in God’s house – Matt 6:33
-what we desire reveals alot about us as believers
            Why should we desire to be in the house of the Lord?
1. It is an outgrowth of ingrowth – Psalm 122:1
2. It is a decision – Joshua 24:15
3. It is Biblical- Hebrews 10:25
4. It is a place to be blessed and encouraged – Psalm 27:1-14
5. It is a place to know the Word of God
1 Samuel 21: 1-2, 8-9
-David is in trouble and is being hunted down by King Saul to be killed
-David runs to the house of the Lord and meets the priest Ahimelech…
-David receives a SWORD which represents the Word of God…
(1.) THE WORD OF GOD IS A WEAPON – 1 Sam 21:8…Hebrews 4:12…Eph 6:17
-David took down the giant Goliath with this sword
-we need a weapon to take down every giant that comes against us – depression…worry…loneliness…sickness…fear...oppression
(2.) DO NOT HIDE THE WORD OF GOD – 1 Samuel 21:9
-the sword was hidden in a cloth and behind the ephod of the priest
          a. hiding the Wod is replacing the Word with other things
          b. hiding the Word of God is emphasizing the preacher more than the Word
ephod – this was a part of the priests garment
-David laid the sword down and was not picking it back up
-Why should we keep the sword-Bible with us every day?
                       a. because it still works and is relevant and for todays culture
                       b. because the Bible is filled with promises for today
                       c. because there is nothing like Jesus and His Word – 1 Samuel 21:8-10
1 Samuel